Executing Commands from Your MIDI Keyboard

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Executing Commands from Your MIDI Keyboard

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MusicianWhen you are practicing or playing along with Musician at your music keyboard, you may find it convenient to control Musician directly from your music keyboard rather than switching back and forth between your music keyboard and your computer keyboard or mouse.

Musician's Pitch-to-Command feature associates certain keys (pitches) on your music keyboard to commands that you will most likely to want to use while you are working at your music keyboard, such as Start Playback and Stop Playback. You specify a "trigger key" on your music keyboard, typically the highest or lowest note. When you hold down the trigger key, Musician will not play that note. Instead, while you are holding down the trigger key, you simultaneously play another key to instruct Musician to perform a command, such as starting playback.

For details about Musician's Pitch-to-Command feature, see Controlling Notation Musician from Your Music Keyboard.