Arranging Music for Your Particular Instrument

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Arranging Music for Your Particular Instrument

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Sometimes you might find a MIDI file that has approximately the right notes, but they are not arranged well for your particular instrument. You can use Musician to rearrange the music to meet the requirements of your instrument:

B816Transpose the notation according to the key of your instrument. For example, if your instrument is a Bb clarinet, transpose the shown notes up a whole step, so that a 'C' in the score is heard as the Bb a whole step below.
B816Transpose the actual pitches up or down to fit within the range of your instrument.
B816Change the pitches of individual notes to stay within the range of your instrument, or to avoid awkward fingerings.
B816Prepare a piano reduction of an ensemble or choral score.
B816Prepare fake book lead sheets for guitar or keyboard. Musician automatically analyzes the harmonies of the song for chords and displays them.