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Welcome to Notation Musician!

In this documentation we will refer to this music software program as Musician for short.

Musician is a tool for converting certain types of music files to sheet music. Musician helps you find and download MIDI (.mid) and Karaoke (.kar) files from the Internet, and converts them to sheet music with amazing accuracy. You can print the music, view it on the screen, and sing or play along with it as the score is played. You can also extract particular parts for performers in your music group.

You likely will be able to learn how to use most of Musician's features by simply trying out menu commands and clicking buttons here and there. However, for a quick start in learning how to use Musician, we recommend going through the Quick Start Tutorial.


TIP:  The most important tip we can offer you for getting started with Musician is to have fun  exploring it! Explore Musician's menus, toolbar, and palettes by clicking items to learn what happens. If you do not like a result, you can always undo it.
Musician has a large number of options, but they are well organized to help avoid overwhelming you. You probably won't need all of the features of Musician. Don't worry that you're not using all of the features and options. When you accomplish your musical goals with Musician, and have fun doing so, then you will have taken full advantage of Musician. Many unexplored features of Musician will remain waiting for you for a later project!


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