Practicing Music

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Practicing Music

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You can use Musician as a tool for practicing on your instrument or with your voice in several ways:

B816Play along with your acoustic instrument, or sing along, as you read the notes from your part on the screen.
B816Let Musician play the accompaniment for other instruments.
B816Slow down the tempo when you are first learning the music.
B816Temporarily increase the font size of the notes so that you can comfortably read them.
B816Turn off the volume (that is, "mute") the part that you are performing, so that only your "live" performance is heard.
B816Let Musician automatically turn pages for you.
B816Set up practice loops. You can specify:

-- the number of lead-in measures

-- the range of measures in the loop, or the starting and ending rehearsal marks

-- how many times the loop should repeat

-- how much the tempo should increase in each repeated loop