Studying and Enjoying Music

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Studying and Enjoying Music

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Musician adds an extra visual dimension to your study and enjoyment of music. Whatever song or piece of music you are interested in, you will likely be able to find it as a MIDI file on the Internet. Download it using your favorite browser and open it in Musician.

When you open the MIDI file in Musician, it will immediately display the sheet music. Although with Musician you can change the notes or any detail of the music or notation, in many cases you might just want to use Musician as a tool for visually studying and enjoying music as it plays:

B816You can easily follow the music as it plays because a blue vertical cursor shows the current playback position, and actively playing notes are highlighted.
B816Slow down the music so that you can hear the details of rhythms.
B816Select a particular instrument and increase its volume level, so that you can focus on the role of that instrument in the harmony and orchestration.

If you have never followed a score while listening to music, Musician might open up a whole new way for you to enjoy and experience music, with your eyes as well as your ears.