Adding and Editing Free Text

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Adding and Editing Free Text

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The procedures for adding and editing free text are generally the same as for all types of text supported by Musician. See the preceding topic, General Procedures for Editing Text:

B8Adding Text
B8Editing Text
B8Deleting Text
B8Selecting Font Type, Size, and Properties
B8Showing and Hiding Types of Text
B8Adding International Characters in Text

Here are some special details about adding and editing free text that differ from other types of text:

B8The keyboard shortcut for the Free Text Palette is SHIFT+F.
B8A free text object can have multiple lines. While adding or editing the free text, hit the ENTER key to begin a new line.
B8In a single free text object, you can mix ordinary text with music symbols, such as the following tempo mark:


B8You can vertically align a selection of multiple free text objects.