Playback and Paging Buttons

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Playback and Paging Buttons

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The following buttons for controlling playback are located in Musician's toolbar:



ToolbarButtonStartOfSong Start of Song

Go to the start of the song.

ToolbarButtonPrevPage Previous Page

Go to the previous page.

ToolbarButtonPlay Start/Stop Playback

Click this button to start playback at the current location of the Playback Location Marker play_and_record_buttons2. The Play button is shown in a down position if playback is in progress. If playback is in progress, click either this button or the Stop ToolbarButtonStop button to stop playback.

ToolbarButtonStop Stop

Click this button to stop playback or recording that is in progress.  To pause button, use this Stop button, and then resume playback with the Play button.

ToolbarButtonNextPage Next Page of Fast Forward

If playback is in progress, click this button to quickly play through the song at five times normal speed.

ToolbarButtonEndOfSong End of Song

Go to the end of the song.