Metronome Button

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Metronome Button

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prcarrow To turn off or on the metronome for playback:

B8Toggle the metronome ToolbarButtonMetronome button in the toolbar to the down or up position for on or off.

prcarrow To specify whether the metronome should be on or off by default:

1.In the Perform menu, choose Metronome Setup command.

-- OR --

While holding down the CTRL key, click the metronome ToolbarButtonMetronome button in the toolbar.

Musician will display the Metronome Setup dialog box, as illustrated in Setting up the Metronome.

2.Turn on or off the check mark for "Metronome is on during playback."

prcarrow To specify how many measures and beats the metronome should lead in before the start of playback:

B8Choose the Pickup Beats command in the Perform menu.

For more information, see Setting Up Pickup Beats.