Practicing Music with Accompaniment

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Practicing Music with Accompaniment

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Musician provides useful and entertaining features to help you practice music with your voice, your music keyboard, MIDI instrument, or acoustical instrument. Musician's central features are that it displays a score as it plays the notes, highlights notes and lyrics, and automatically turns pages. Musician lets you set up a section of the song that you can practice in a loop with optionally increasing tempo. If you have a MIDI keyboard, then you can control some of Musician's playback features remotely from your music keyboard.

This section describes:

B817Playing Along with Your MIDI Instrument
B817Setting up Practice Loops
B817Starting and Stopping a Practice Session
B817Advancing to the Next (or Previous) Rehearsal Mark
B817Practicing a Part While Singing or Playing a non-MIDI Instrument
B817Practicing a Part Using Your MIDI Keyboard or MIDI Instrument
B817Controlling Musician From Your Music Keyboard