Quick Start Tutorial

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Quick Start Tutorial

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The following tutorial will get you started quickly in enjoying some of Musician's main features. This tutorial can typically be completed in about  40 minutes, but much more quickly if you just read it on the screen rather than actually do the tutorial steps yourself.

As you follow the steps of this tutorial, you should feel free to explore side tours on your own. Click buttons; try menu commands; add, change, and delete music symbols. To return to the place where you were in the tutorial, use the multiple-level Undo command in the Edit menu, or type CTRL+Z, as many times as you need. Also, at various points in the tutorial, you might want to save your work, using the Save As command in the File menu.

After completing this tutorial, you should be able to successfully explore many of Musician's features on your own without needing to refer to this User Guide.


If you prefer to read about how Musician works first, you may want to skip forward to the section "Navigating through Musician and the Score" for a full explanation of how Musician is laid out.  


TIP: With version 4 and going forward Musician operates under SmartMode, which means that you will not typically have to bother with changing from "Add" mode to "Select" mode to do your work. Musician will automatically switch to the proper mode for you to do what you need to do, depending on where the cursor is on the score and what tool palette is open.    You don't have to do anything - SmartMode is on by default.