Rearranging the Order of Staves

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Rearranging the Order of Staves

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If you have imported a MIDI file, Musician orders the staves in the score according to how they were ordered in the MIDI file. If you are not pleased with the order of the parts, you can change the order. If you have created multiple parts and then rearrange the order of staves, the new order of the staves will be applied to all parts, not just the part you are currently viewing.

prcarrow To change the order of the staves:

1.Choose Staff Setup from the Staff menu.

    -- OR --

     Type "qsus" for Quick Set Up Staves.

    Musician will display the Staff Setup dialog box, filled out with a list of staves as illustrated below:


2.The order of the staves in the top panel determines the order of printing of parts in the conductor score. To move a part up or down in the conductor score, click the staff name, and then click the Move Up or Move Down button.
3.Click the OK button to commit the changes.