Splitting Double-Played Notes from Solo Instrument

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Splitting Double-Played Notes from Solo Instrument

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When Musician transcribes a track from a MIDI file, it makes many decisions about the timing of notes, including whether two notes are played together or not.  For some instruments such as a piano, guitar, and violin, it is possible to play two notes simultaneously.  For other instruments, such as an oboe or saxophone, it is not possible for two notes to be played at the same time.


Musician offers two way to clean up a staff for single-note instruments.


prcarrow To split double-played notes in the staff for one or more solo instruments:

1.Choose the Convert to Solo Notes command in the Format menu.
2.In the Convert Staff to Solo Notes dialog box, select one or more staves.


prcarrow To instruct Musician to recognize solo instrument staves (tracks) in imported MIDI files and automatically split double-played notes:

1.Choose the Transcription Options command in the Setup menu.
2.Under the Automatic Recommendations section, set a check mark for "Two-note chords in a staff that has mostly solo notes should be sequenced as two separated notes."
When Musician detects a solo track, it will give you an opportunity to confirm that the double-notes in the staff should be split.