Staff Controls

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Staff Controls

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Along the left-side of each staff you will see a group of four staff control buttons, as shown:


These four buttons affect the entire staff. Therefore, these buttons are displayed only at the beginning of the first set of staves in the window.

The purpose of each button is summarized below, and described in more detail in the topics that follow.

StaffControlPlayActive   Play or mute: turn the staff sound on or off during playback.

StaffControlSoloInactive   Solo: play only this staff while muting all other staves (except other soloed staves).

StaffControlInstrumentSoundInactive   Instrument sound: assign a new device, MIDI bank, MIDI patch, or name to the staff.

StaffControlSelect Select the staff: prepare for a Staff menu command such as Split Hands, or a Region menu command such as Remove Inaudible Notes.

You can use any of these controls during playback.

You may not always want these staff controls to use up space on the screen. In such cases, follow this next procedure.

prcarrow To show or hide the staff control buttons.

B8Turn off the Show Staff Controls check mark in the View menu.

    -- OR --

B811Type "qssc" for Quick Show Staff Controls, to toggle between show and hide.

If the staff controls are not currently visible, there is an alternative way you can accomplish the same tasks as offered by the staff controls.

prcarrow To do staff control tasks when the controls are not visible:

1.While holding down the 'S' key, click the mouse anywhere in a staff. Musician will display a pop-up menu, such as illustrated here:


2.Choose the equivalent staff control command from the pop-up menu.