Removing Silent Notes

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Removing Silent Notes

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You can select and delete specific notes. Also, if you have recorded a performance at your music keyboard and accidentally played some extra notes very softly, or with very short durations, you can readily remove all of them with one command.

prcarrow To remove very soft or short notes:

1.Select a group of notes with the mouse. The group may include both notes that will be removed and notes that will not be removed.

    -- OR --

    Select a region of the score.

2.In the Note or Region menu, choose the "Remove Silent Notes" command.

    -- OR --

    Type "rsn" for Remove Silent Notes.

    Musician will display the Remove Silent Notes dialog box:


3.You can remove silent notes based on whether they are very short and/or very soft. Set a check mark for either or both of the options. Specify the threshold values for note length and loudness. By default, Musician will initially offer the values you most recently specified in this dialog box.
4.Click the OK button.
5.If Musician removes either fewer or more notes than you desire, then use the Undo command and try the Remove Silent Notes command again with a different threshold note duration and/or loudness.