Editing the Rhythms of Notes

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Editing the Rhythms of Notes

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With Musician, you can edit the rhythms of notes, as displayed in the score, without changing how they are actually performed during playback. Thus, the "feeling" of the originally imported MIDI file is completely preserved.

In fact, with Musician, you can only change how the rhythms are displayed, not how they are performed. The purpose of Notation Musician is to transcribe existing MIDI files into sheet music. If you wish to edit actual musical performance of MIDI files, then we encourage you to review Notation Composer at www.notation.com/NotationComposer.htm.

The topics that follow describe procedures for editing the location and duration of notes:

B8        Editing Note Location (Attack)

B8        Editing Note Duration

B8        Editing Triplets and Quintuplets

B8        Editing Swing Notation

B8        Combining Separate Notes into Chords