What's New in Version 4

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What's New in Version 4

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Notation Musician 4 introduces even more intuitive features to make your music making experience smoother than ever.

New - SmartMode – automatic mode switching and cursors so you can see at a glance which tool you’re using, making the interface more intuitive.  Now, rather than having to manually toggle between Add and Select mode (though you can still do that, too), Musician "knows" what you want to do and shows you an "add"-ready cursor, or intelligently lets you select a score element that you mouse over and click.

New - Full DPI awareness for high-resolution screens and high resolution support

New - Newsletter on splash screen to keep you up-to-date

New - 64 bit application for the latest operating systems -Windows 7 x64 through Windows 10 x64, Mac OSX El Capitan to macOS Catalina, Ubuntu LTS 18.04, LTS 20.04, other Linux distributions on request

New - Fresh and flexible look with selectable fonts for the interface.

New - Microsoft Print to PDF capability

New technology - New Prof-UIS, and fluidsynth libraries for enhanced performance of the interface, and sound for the Notation Software Synth.


And of course, many bug fixes.