Restoring Default Pagination

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Restoring Default Pagination

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The previous topics describe how you can refine the layout of a page in many ways:

B816force a page break or system break
B816move a measure at the beginning of one system to the end of the previous system
B816move a system from the top of one page to the bottom of the previous page
B816move a barline in a system to horizontally stretch the spacing of the measure on one side of the barline, and compress the spacing of the measure on the other side of the barline
B816move a system up or down on the page relative to other systems
B816move a staff up or down in a system relative to other staves in the system
B816stretch or compress the total height of a system, evenly moving the staves in the system further apart or closer together

You can individually remove any of the adjustments, as explained in the topics for each of the above tasks, and summarized here.

In addition, you can restore the default page layout for an entire page in one step, or for an entire score part in one step, as described in the second procedure of this topic.

prcarrow To remove specific page layout adjustments:

1.Navigate to the Page Layout Palette.

-- OR --

Type SHIFT+P. If this takes you to the Page Text Palette instead, type SHIFT+P a second time to go to the Page Layout Palette.

Musician will display the score in Page Layout View.

2.Click the Move Barlines and Staves PageLayoutSpringsButton button in the Page Layout Palette.


3.Select one or more of the following Page Layout objects by clicking on or dragging the mouse cursor over them. After you select the first object, Musician will subsequently select only additional objects of the same type.


4.Hit the DEL key.

-- OR --

Click the Default PageLayoutDefaultButton button.

This removes the Page Layout object, thus removing its adjustment to the page layout.

prcarrow To remove the page layout adjustments for an entire page, or for all pages of the score.

1.Make sure that no Page Layout objects are selected. You can do this by clicking anywhere on the page except where a Page Layout object is located.
2.Click the Default PageLayoutDefaultButton button.

Musician will display the following dialog box:


3.Choose one of the two options to remove the page layout adjustments for either the currently viewed page or for the entire score part.