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This topic describes how you can change the style of a barline to a double, dotted, or dashed barline, or start-of-section or end-of-section barline.

For instructions in adding repeat marks to barlines, see Editing Repeats.

If you have imported a MIDI file, or made a MIDI recording, in which the barlines are out of alignment with the downbeat of measures, then you can shift the barlines, as described in Shifting Barlines.

You can split a measure by inserting a barline in the middle of it, as described in Splitting Measures.

prcarrow  To change the style of a barline:

1.Select a barline by dragging the mouse cursor over it. A barline is usually so narrow that it is difficult to select it by directly clicking it. So, dragging the mouse over the barline is an easier way to select it.

    Musician will highlight the newly selected barline in blue, and will display the Barline Palette:


The Barline Palette will indicate the type of barline you have selected.

2.Click one of the barline types in the palette, or type the keyboard short-cut.

Musician will change the style of the selected barline(s) according to your palette (or shortcut) selection.

For explanations of other buttons in the Barline Palette, see Splitting Measures , Joining Measures, Shifting Barlines, Editing Repeat Marks, and Editing Endings.