What's New in Version 3

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What's New in Version 3

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The following new features and improvements are included in Notation Musician version 3.


Sound Enhancements


Notation Software Synth - an internal sound synth using a General MIDI (GM) soundfont to guarantee sound on any machine.  

ASIO driver support, eliminates latency (delay) issues. Selecting the ASIO driver and the Notation Software Synth for playback  assures you of good sound.

Sounds of original imported MIDI files supported, especially useful for devices that use specific extended bank voices.

Recovers "select" sound sets from original MIDI files created using device-specific banks and instrument patches. If you have a Yamaha (or other keyboard/synthesizer/library) that generates files with special sound sets, Notation Musician  can now find and preserve those special sounds, even from older saved .not files, and put them back in so that your songs sound great when you play them, or when you export a MIDI (.mid) file to play on your keyboard or other device.


Direct Image Export

Specific pages or the entire score can be exported as High Resolution image files for use in other documents.  BMP, PNG, JPG, and GIF export are supported (.gif is not available yet for Mac and Ubuntu systems).


Direct PDF Export


Notation music sheets can be exported directly using our High Resolution PDF Export for crisp notation sheets.


Use files created with notation composer 3's Band in a Box® plugin


Files that have been created with the Band in a Box® plugin can be used just like any other .not file.


More Language Versions


Now available in German and Spanish versions.

QuickStart Guides available for each language version.

German version uses German style notation.

A German version of the website is also in place to support German-speaking/reading customers.

A flexible upgrade path to switch the language variant of the software when upgrading your product.


New platforms supported


Mac - Founded on the Wine HQ environment, the latest version is enhanced to provide the best experience on Apple MACs.  See our MAC installation guide at www.notation.com/MAC.php

Linux's Ubuntu and openSUSE are now supported, also founded on the WineHQ environment. See our Ubuntu installation guide at www.notation.com/Ubuntu.php


Detection of Modern Keyboards


Modern keyboards today have a certain structure through their USB interface.  Version 3.0.2 and later detects those accurately.



Improved User Interface


More stream-lined user interface for fast and effective work with the software

Better feedback for correcting musical problems with song files

Enhanced color scheme



Yamaha XF Chord Format Support


Full implementation of Yamaha's XF format for chord names, both for importing from .mid files and exporting to .mid files.  



Chord Name Enhancements


Chord names are compared to the underlying notation and checked for validity.  Chord names that are "suspect" are marked for easy correction using the Chord Name tools.

Verification of chord name compatibility with different MIDI export filetypes and for the Band in a Box® plugin.



MIDI Device Configuration Manager (DCM) Enhancements


Improved interface for easier access and use

New folder structure for saving and restoring backup configuration files


Quality and Security Initiative


Many bugs corrected in Version 3

Security enhancements to protect users who purchase a license

Easy installation procedure with "Readme" guides

Easy update process for free updates

Easy restoration later if a problem should occur requiring reinstallation of the software.

Improved service support with real-time logging and fault diagnosis for better customer service

Backup installation is saved in a zip folder for easy user storage and recovery.





Enhanced User Interface libraries from Microsoft, Inc. and FOSS Software, Inc.

New user-friendly grids using the modern grid technology of Ultimate Grid

Version 3 has been developed with Microsoft's modern development environment to provide support for future operating systems

ASIO integration for better visual and sound experience.


Tutorial Videos


Tutorial videos are available on the website to help you get going fast